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Lancashire Walks: Glasson Dock, Cockerham and Thurnham
This Glasson Dock discovery walk to Cockersands Abbey has been carefully selected for the scenery and interesting features, both natural and man-made that you will enjoy along the route. It has six 11cm x 22cm pages which include a map, clear directions, original photographs and lots of fascinating information.
'The best walk from Glasson Dock' may be bought for personal use as either a paper copy or PDF file, and for business use as a personalised PDF file.
The best walk from Glasson Dock
8.5 miles: Moderate or 5.5 miles: Easy
A lovely section of the Lancashire Coastal Way
Lancashire Walks

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More about Glasson Dock
Glasson Dock photos
This walk is also available as part of the set of 5 Lancaster Area walks which includes the best walks from Glasson Dock, Heysham, Lancaster, Morecambe and Overton.
Single walk: Glasson Dock 1.00
Set of five walks: Lancaster and Morecambe Area 4.99

Printed on quality 120gsm FSC certified paper, this guide will fit into your pocket, withstand a day's outing and provide lasting memories of your walk.
This paper copy will be posted to you within 3 days (usually much sooner).
Free postage over 4.00. Postage to UK only.
Single walk: Glasson Dock 1.00
Set of five walks: Lancaster and Morecambe Area 4.00

If you choose the PDF format, the download will be sent to your email address within 48 hours (usually much sooner) via the secure file transfer service, 'Hightail'. You then have 14 days in which to download the walk onto your smartphone or own computer, leaving you the freedom to print as many copies as you like. All walks in the PDF format have small tick boxes on the photos.
Ideal for children.
Single walk - business use: Glasson Dock 24.00
Set of five walks - business use: Lancaster and Morecambe Area 99.00 (incl VAT)

The business licensed PDF is designed for hotels, guest houses etc who wish to provide their guests with a complimentary copy of the walk. You can either print the walk for your guests or simply email the file prior to their visit. The walk will be personalised with your business name.
Much time and effort goes into the making of the Wild Card Discovery Walks because I would like them to be regarded as some of the best and most detailed guides on the market. Please note however that new fences may have been erected, signposts changed or at times my directions may even have led you astray! Please contact me if you have any comments or contributions to make about the walks. Your feedback is invaluable and helps to ensure that the guides are continually up to date and are as accurate as possible.
The tick boxes on the photos of the PDFs are an ideal way to keep children interested in a walk, but please be aware that some shots have been taken with a zoom lens and I may have taken carefully considered risks to get some of the other photos. Please ensure that children don't take risks by trying to view places from the same angle in order to get a tick!

I hope you enjoy this Glasson Dock discovery walk to Cockersands Abbey as much as I enjoyed preparing it.

Site design, walks and photos copyright Joan Bryden - joan@wildcardwalks.co.uk

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Best Walk from Glasson Dock in Lancashire
Glasson Dock walk: Plover Scar Lighthouse
Glasson Dock walk: Cockersands Abbey
Glasson Dock walk
Best Walk from Glasson Dock in Lancashire
Glasson Dock walk
Best Walk from Glasson Dock in Lancashire
Glasson Dock walk
Glasson Dock walk
Glasson Dock walk
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